Don't give up!

“Association for Latvian Children with Physical Disabilities” is a non-governmental organisation that unites active parents of the children with different kind of movement disorders. We are concerned with the fate of our children therefore we have founded an association to jointly look for the possibilities to improve the health of our children, attract funds, share experience, enjoy active and creative activities as well as to teach our children and learn ourselves to live valuable life in spite of the restrictions imposed by illnesses. Thanks to the funds attracted within the frames of projects and support of contributors over the years we have established a high quality rehabilitation gym equipped with various rehabilitation exercise equipment. For the convenience of parents the gym has been equipped with special observation cameras that allow parents to follow the activities in the gym from the room next door, make recordings and do exercises at home in a higher quality. Association is a legal organisation which gives parents the possibility to implement their ideas and apply for the funds envisaged for non-governmental sector to provide children with movement disabilities to live a full life as much as possible.