Don't give up!

We and our children have a lot of dreams – the individual ones that live in each child’s or young person’s hearts, as well as bigger goals cherished by the parents to help their children as much as possible. Though dreaming is not enough! Funding is necessary to reach the target and we believe from the bottom of our hearts that all our plans will once come true! Private individuals and legal entities may help to fulfil a dream by making a donation to the Association’s account (please indicate the purpose).

Summer rehabilitation course – to provide the children with an intensive rehabilitation program during summer we have developed a summer rehabilitation course that will take place during the last week of July in the Vaivari Primary School. Some funds from Latvian State Forests have been attracted to this project though this gives the possibility to cover the costs of just a little part form the envisaged activities. We do hope and believe that we will succeed in finding the lacking funds for our children to jointly exercise, swim, participate in creative activities to develop their talents and have some rest for a whole week’s time. You can help us make the hopes of these children come true!

An integrated play therapy group for children with a diagnosed and threatened disability. Irrespective of the state of health children perform the wonderful cognition process of the world through playing – getting the first experience, getting to know the surrounding world, learning to be aware of oneself. Playing is a need of any child though for the children with movement disabilities this process is more difficult – playing needs a fitted environment and assistants who lead the playing process. Socialisation is necessary as well – a possibility to meet other children. Currently the Association implements play therapy classes for children with disabilities but in fact there are members of our Association whose disability has not been confirmed, yet it has been stated threatened. Therefore we have a dream to develop an integrated play group that could be attended by both - children with a diagnosed and threatened disability.

A visiting seminar in Estonia – there has been a good practice for many years of taking children out and away from their daily environment to speak with a psychologist and other experts and see closer or more distant places. This promotes integration in the society which is an extremely important aspect to the families which cannot afford such trips themselves. This year we would like to go for a visiting seminar in Estonia to learn about the neighbouring country, be together with other children with similar problems and learn a lot of new things about ourselves under the guidance of professional experts. You can help us to fulfil this dream!