Don't give up!

We, parents of children with special needs (primarily, movement disabilities), started our cooperation in 1999, when a number of problems related to our children’s health, such as health improvement and  education opportunities and rehabilitation services on a daily basis were discussed during our regular meetings. We were joined by several physiotherapists who were eager to assist in our work. Thanks to the enthusiasm and cooperation of the parents and rehabilitation experts two educational and rehabilitation seminars were organised for the parents and their children with special needs providing the possibility to have a rest by the sea, recover, recreate and accumulate fresh energy and knowledge reserves for the future.

Having summarized the impressions and results and having established the undeniable positive effect of the joint activities and being together on children individually as well as their relatives, the parents took a serious decision – an association has to be founded to help uniting the families raising children with special needs - movement disabilities. In order to succeed in solving the problems common to such families and to attract supporters of the set goals the association needed an official status. The Association was founded on 7th December 2001 in Riga.