Don't give up!

The operation of the Organization is based on the principle of voluntary work. It welcomes all kinds of activities and ideas that correspond with the goals set in the statutes of the Organization.

Target group of the Organization:

  1. Children and teenagers with special needs (physical disabilities, cerebral palsy and other);
  2. Families bringing up children with special needs.

Principal Goals of the Organization

  1. Making public opinion about children with special needs European-like; 
  2. Solving various social, medical, and educational problems so that children and teenagers with physical disabilities can become fully-fledged, socially secured and intelligent members of the community as well as providing them with conditions and skills to improve their health and compete in the labour market; 
  3. Making the community comprehend the problems and creating a positive attitude toward the families of children with physical disabilities.

Future Prospects of the Organization

  1. Attract new active and creative supporters;
  2. Proceed on implementing the current projects and finding partners to help;
  3. Help the community realize the necessity of adapting the living environment more fully to people with physical disorders; 
  4. Cooperate with the government and local authorities to enable the social welfare of families with disabled children; 
  5. Provide the parents with information about problems related to the families of children with physical disorders; 
  6. Find more communication opportunities, including the Internet, for children with special needs.