Don't give up!

When a child is diagnosed with some kind of movement disorders parents are to face a lot of questions – what to do, how to work, what will be the best for my child? Therefore we have summarised information on therapy methods and possibilities.

Most Common Types of Therapy

  • Physiotherapy – This type of therapy is the most significant: it is concerned with identifying stance and movement potential and sensory motor control.
  • Mouth and eating therapy - the aim of the therapy is to normalize the sensibility around the mouth and movement control. The above mentioned are essential conditions for ability to swallow and language development.
  • Speech therapy - Experienced speech-language pathologists or therapists are to provide this type of therapy. Parents-relatives assistance gives more effect.
  • Developmental pedagogy - often underestimated but it is very important for social interaction and integration. If the stage of developmental pedagogy is ignored, the child may face difficulties to interact with others due to his/her inadequate behaviour and physical differences.
  • Ergo therapy – its primary goal is to develop functioning of hands and self-care in order to promote as much independence as possible.
  • Orthopaedic therapy - The practice of orthopaedic therapy includes reduction, prevention or correction of contractures and deformation (by orthotics) or operative treatment;
  • Woyth approach – induces the missing set of movements by activation of specific points; to attain it, depending on the developmental stage, a certain starting position and zone are defined to every infant individually.
  • Music and art therapy – aimed at individual’s mental development, harmonises personality and positively fosters the general development of a child, motivates the self-activity of a person resulting not just in the increase of self-activity during the therapy session but also in a general wish to be active.
  • Play therapy promotes child’s mental development. A child gains experience by playing that later helps to understand the environment and his/her body in the environment, develop ones abilities and learn.